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2021 Highlights of the Year
Photo by Ian Schneider / Unsplash

2021 Highlights of the Year

Tako Tako 3 min read

Happy New Year 2022. As a nice start to the year, we're taking the chance to look back at some of the best things that happened to us the previous year of 2021!

Hakone Spring Road Trip

Panaroma View of Lake Ashinoko from Prince Hotel
Morning breakfast was amazing, especially the milk bread

Enoshima Side Trip After Hakone

Early spring in Enoshima
Enoshima Oceanview
Enoshima Local Specialty Shirasu Dishes

Aqua Bay Umihotaru Road Trip

Famous photo spot. This is part of the machine used to build the tunnels. 
Cloudy windy day, but the rays of sunshine peeking through are pretty.
Nice view of the highways.
🥜Coated peanuts, we filled a cup with 2 of each flavour. 

Kyoto Summer Road Trip

More here.

Sunshine Aquarium Ikebukuro Date Night

Limited time night event about the fishes night activities ahem 
Blub blub goes the sunfish.

MiPig Cafe Harajuku Visit

More here.

Yamanashi Grape-picking Road Trip

Fruits of our labour, pun intended.
Hoto Noodles, Yamanashi Local Specialty Dish, for lunch
Early autumn foliage at nearby Fuefukigawa Fruit Park

Okutama Autumn Foliage Road Trip

Onsen Visit at Moegi no Yu before going home.

Osaka Winter Holiday

Events Near Home in Tokyo

Nabe Fest 2021
Tokyo Christmas Market 2021
Harry Potter Anniversary Special Christmas Tree

Happy New Year 2022 everyone! 🐙🥞