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Welcome to Tako and Pancake's blog bringing you all things Japan.

We're a Malaysian couple living in Tokyo, Japan. Pancake has been living here since 2013, and Tako since 2019. Between us we've learnt a lot about Japan and hope to share it with the rest of the world. Food, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and more, there's plenty of things we want to cover.

Something you want Tako & Pancake to cover? No problem-o, just contact us at our Twitter and we'll see what we can do about it. It'll be nice to talk to you guys too!

Tako's Profile

Size: Small
Colour: Default blue but changes according to mood
Species: Dumbo octopus
Characteristics: Flappy ears
Personality: ???, ???, ???, ???
Likes: Anime, manga, games, food
Dislikes: Mean people, ???

Pancake Profile

Size: 1 medium serving
Colour: Golden brown
Species: Food
Characteristics: Double layer pancake topped with butter and maple syrup
Personality: Aloof, ???, ???
Likes: Keyboards, coding, technology, food
Dislikes: The word "moist", ???, ???