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Getting Contact Lenses in Japan

Getting Contact Lenses in Japan

Tako Tako 4 min read

Tako recently got contact lenses in Japan. The process is a lot different from Malaysia and UK, so Tako wants to share her experience to help you guys.

How to Get Contact Lens in Japan

  1. Get a prescription from an optician or ophthalmologist.
  2. Bring the prescription to any contact lens store to buy the lenses / purchase online with the prescription results.

Eye Test at the Ophthalmologist 眼科

First things first, as someone with horrible eyesight, Tako wants to include this friendly advice. Eye examinations are highly recommended for:

  1. People with shitty eyesight (ie. practically blind without specs)
  2. People whose family members have shitty eyes, like glaucoma
  3. People getting contact lenses for the first time
💡 Spectacles prescription ≠ contact lens prescription. You cannot use a prescription of spectacles for contact lens and vice versa.

What does the eye test include?

  1. Vision test
  2. Eye health check
  3. Contact lens fitting

Vision Test

Instead of the Snellen eye chart, Japan uses the Landolt C eye chart. For the Japan vision test, you'll need to point out the direction the C is facing. Just remember these simple Japanese words for the directions:

上 Up
下 Down
左 Left
右 Right

Tako has heard that some places have diagonal directions too, but have yet to encounter them. You'll just need to combine the directions as so left up/down, right up/down.

💡 You can use hand signals if you don't remember how to say it in Japanese.

Eye Health Check

The eye doctor will drop a yellow dye on your eyeball to check for any eye injuries or abnormalities that will make it bad for you to wear contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting

The last part of the contact lens eye examination is actually trying on contact lens. If it is your first time, the nurse will teach you how to put them on. The nurse will also teach you what to be aware of your contact lens. For example, Tako needs astigmatism soft lenses which have special lines on them for proper vision alignment.

💡 The eye examination is covered by National Health Insurance. Tako's visit costed 1,630 yen.

Where to buy contact lens?

  1. eyecity
    Large selection of contact lenses including color lens, hard lens, astigmatism lens, dailies, and 2-weeks disposable. Got my lenses from eyecity with a special discount promotion for first time customers.

2. J!NS
Popular cheap spectacles store J!NS also offers daily use soft lens and color lens. For first time customers, you can get a free trial set containing contact lenses for 5 days. You'll only need to pay for the delivery fee. Also available online.

コンタクトレンズの新常識 JINS 1DAY
メガネのJINSが作るコンタクトレンズJINS 1DAY(ジンズワンデー)。スマホで簡単に購入できます。高品質のレンズをお求めやすい価格でご提供。あなたの毎日に、いつも新しい潤いを。

3. Online stores with license to sell contact lens

コンタクトレンズ通販 レンズゲット - 会社概要
コンタクトレンズ激安通販 | アットコンタクト
💡 Buying contact lens online and without a doctor's prescription comes with risks. If you do buy online, we recommend getting a proper prescription first and buying from a website that displays its license number for selling highly advanced medical equipment 高度医療管理機器販売許可番号.

4. Other contact lens specialist shops like eyecity.

Contact Lens Solution

You'll be needing contact lens solution if you're getting reusable contact lens. These were the recommendations Tako received from eyecity.

Bausch+Lomb Renu Fresh Multi-purpose Solution
- Cheapest, around 1,800 yen on Amazon for 1L
- Need to manually clean lens by rubbing each lens gently 10 times.
- Risk of damaging lens when cleaning.
Soak Time:
- At least 4 hours.

Most convenient
- Easy to use. Just remove your lens, put in the case provided, and fill up with liquid. After cleaning, you can just put them on without rinsing.
- More expensive than Bausch+Lomb, around 2,400 yen for 1.08L
Soak Time:
- At least 6 hours.
- Do not put it on too early or else it'll sting your eyes.

Best but most expensive
Ophtecs Cleadew
- Super duper clean
- Feels like using new lens after cleaning
- Most expensive, around 2,645 yen for 84 days (28 days x 3) + Contact lens solution like Bausch+Lomb (above)
- Pill form. Need to use together with contact lens solution when soaking.
- Troublesome, need to rinse with contact lens solution before use.
Soak Time:
- At least 4 hours.

以上。Until next time. 😎